South Dakota Real Estate License

South Dakota Real Estate License

What does a real estate agent’s career in South Dakota entail? What education do you need to obtain? Do you have to be a college graduate or is a high school diploma enough? You might have these questions, if you have made up your mind to become a licensed real estate agent in South Dakota.

The steps, which lead to licensure, can be found below.

How do I get my real estate license in South Dakota?

In South Dakota, the basic requirements for a real estate agent are being at least 18 years old and a US citizen (South Dakota resident).

Obtain state-approved pre-license education

The state of South Dakota requires future real estate agents to complete 116 hours of pre-license education to become a licensed real estate agent.

You can complete these hours by attending a professional coursework, which will furnish you with the necessary knowledge. The studies are available both online and in classroom- the choice is yours!

If you choose online courses, you will be able to study on your personal timeline and save time. On the other hand, courses in classroom are no less exciting, as you will experience classroom engagement. Moreover, this way you can create your own team of realtors and prepare for the exam together.

Whatever option you select, you must make sure that the coursework is state-approved.

Upon the course completion, the pre-license education company will give you a final test to see whether you are ready to take the state licensing exam. You will not be eligible to take the exam unless you pass the test with a total score of 75%.

Take the South Dakota Real Estate Exam

After you pass the course final exam, you should take the state licensing exam. Click here to register for the exam beforehand.

The exam comprises of national and state sections. For the former, you will have 2.5 hours to answer 105 questions. While for the latter, you will have 1.5 hours to answer 57 questions. See to it that you use the time wisely and hand in the test in time.

On the exam day, arrive at the testing center early and bring with you two forms of identification, which include your name and signature (and a photo of you).

Do not forget that this test is closed book and closed note. That means that you cannot you’re your cellphone with you. The same goes for outside Internet connection.

Find a sponsoring broker

The next step is to find a sponsoring broker, who will be responsible for you and will sponsor your license. Otherwise, your application will not be complete and you cannot gain experience as a real estate agent.

Please pay attention to the fact that sometimes the beginning level for a real estate agent is referred to as a real estate broker associate.

Apply for the license

When you meet the requirements, the time for license application has come. You should submit the application within 60 days of passing the state exam. You should include the followings:

  • License application fee
  • Score report from the real estate exam
  • Proof of completing the educational requirements

Mailing Address

South Dakota Real Estate Commission
221 W. Capitol Avenue, Suite 101
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: (605) 773-3600
Fax: 605.773.7175

Is it worth to get a real estate license in South Dakota?

In South Dakota, the average real estate agent makes about $57k a year. Furthermore, top agents earn about $98k, while senior agents make about $73k.

Besides, licensed agents have more advantages and more clients.

Considering these numbers and facts, it would pretty much be worth it to obtain a real estate license in the state of South Dakota.

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