South Dakota Plumbing License

South Dakota Plumbing License

If you wish to work as a plumber in South Dakota, you’ll need an SD plumbing license. The plumbers are those who work with various piping systems. They are capable of working on both residential and commercial lands.

They can work with gas, water, and waste pipelines, therefore this occupation is quite dangerous and requires a lot of knowledge. So, there are many sorts of piping permits available, based on the needs.

How to Get a South Dakota Plumber License?

For pipers, there are three types of warrants, each with its own set of requirements. Let’s take a look at each one individually.

Plumbing Contractor

A qualified master who can run a pipe-fitting firm is a pipe specialist. This person must be skillful in organizing and installing pipes. Similarly, they have to be familiar with the government principles and rules regarding the area.

To apply for this permit, you should:

  • have at least 6 years of background as a piping contractor, pipe-fitter, or trainee (No less than 2 of your experience should be as a handyman or student);
  • spent a minimum of 1,900 hours yearly as a contractor, piper, or piper’s student;
  • fill out your application and pay the charge of $375 for the test and licensure.

Journeyman Plumber

A Journeyman is a person working under a master piper’s direction.
To request a journeyman’s permit, you should:

  • have 4 years of expertise as an apprentice piper;
  • have finished 1,900 hours yearly as a student (If you serve in the military, you will receive one year of credit for every two years of your military service);
  • fill out your application and make a payment of $205 for the test and certificate.

Plumber Apprentice

Finally, to apply for it, you must:

  • firstly complete a form naming the qualified master with whom you are now employed;
  • have finished two years of training, installation, and repair under supervision;
  • then obtain a passing score on the mandated examination.

The Renewal of South Dakota Plumbing License

If you wish to keep your authorization active, you must renew it. In fact, the commission sends out renewal reminders at the end of every September.
You have to take these steps for the renewal:

  • Complete 4 hours of continuous education (CE).
  • Attach evidence of your completed CE.
  • Pay the renewal cost either in cash or online by signing up for the committee’s online commission site.

The Renewal Fee

The cost of renewing an authorization varies based on the type of certification you require. The following are the charges:

  • A contractor – $275
  • Restricted contractors-$110
  • A journeyman-$105
  • Restricted plumbers-$55
  • An apprentice-$10

What States Reciprocate SD Plumbing License

You’ll want to know in which areas you may utilize your authorization if you intend on moving to another county. The whole authorization reciprocity process differs specifically on the state and the sort of permission you require.

There are no official agreements with other states. However, there are still places where you can avoid any examinations.

You must complete the following requirements:

  • Firstly pay the state-specific cost.
  • Obtain a permit that is comparable to the area.

The states that have compatible certificates are:

  • Minnesota
  • North Dakota
  • Montana
  • Colorado
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