South Dakota Marriage License

South Dakota Marriage License

To get your South Dakota marriage license without any hardships, follow our instructions. Make sure you correspond to all the requirements we have mentioned. We won’t let anything postpone your so much expected special day.

What do you need to get a South Dakota marriage license?

As we all know, the first thing necessary for getting married is the marriage license. So, you’ll have to visit the Deeds office and apply for a South Dakota marriage license. Remember, that you need to present in person while applying.

When submitting the application, you need to fill in: your full legal name, your age, birthdate, birthplace, gender, current residence place, phone number.

Also, bring the following paperwork:

  1. Current driver’s license
  2. State-issued ID
  3. Military ID
  4. Photo ID
  5. Passport
  6. Proof of Social Security Number (SSN).

Age requirements

As in all the other states, in South Dakota as well 18 is the appropriate age to get married legally. In this case you won’t have to have anyone’s permission or presence to get married.

However, in case you are 16-17 years old, you’ll definitely need a parental consent. Also, you can get your legal guardian’s consent instead. At this age getting married is possible, but getting your license requires permission.

The third case is when applicants are below the age of 16. The situation is harder in this case. No matter how much you want to get married, having legal marriage at this age is simply impossible. The state law won’t let you get a marriage license.

Residency requirements

South Dakota is one of those states, that don’t have any strict residency requirements. Both residents and non-residents can apply for a marriage license in any county of South Dakota. Therefore, they can make their wedding as well anywhere in the state.

Testing requirements

Many states require different tests from licensees. However, South Dakota won’t overwhelm its applicants with such minor matters. The situation is the same when getting marriage license in North Carolina. You can know more about NC marriage license requirements in our website.

Witness requirements

For some states having witnesses while getting married isn’t an obligatory. But, South Dakota Law requires the presence of two witnesses during the ceremony. Moreover, it is necessary to record their names on your marriage certificate.

Where do you get marriage license in South Dakota?

To apply for a license, you should visit one of the special offices called Register of Deeds Offices. These offices are located in nearly all the counties of the state.

All you need to do is to visit the office located in your residence county. You can also get your license in the county where you’ll make your wedding.

Waiting period

Luckily for you and your spouse, you don’t have to wait days or months to get your license. Just after submitting the application, you’ll get your South Dakota marriage license in a few minutes. Whenever you get your license, immediately arrange your wedding ceremony.

How long is a marriage license good for in SC?

Your license will become void, in case you don’t get married within 20 days after purchasing it. As long as it is expired, it will become totally useless. You can neither renew nor extend the invalid license.

Yet, if you still want to get a second chance, you have to retake all the appliance steps. That is to say, you will have to submit a new application and pay another fee. Unfortunately, that will be your fault and you won’t receive any discount or refund.

How much does a marriage license cost in South Dakota?

The fee for getting a South Dakota marriage license is $40. Unlike many other states, this price is the same in any county of the state. The state law has set a standard price to prevent competition between offices.

Some Register of Deeds offices accept cash payments. Not to have any problems, check it beforehand. Make sure which kind of payments they accept.

Who can officiate at your wedding ceremony in South Dakota?

In fact, this job is one of the most responsible ones. It is especially important for the couple’s happy future. So, each couple should choose a well-experienced officiant to preside over their marriage ceremony.

You should give the officiant your marriage license before marriage takes place. After the wedding your officiant must return the license to the office within the following 10 days. Otherwise, there will be no record of your marriage. In South Dakota your marriage can solemnize: Circuit Court judges, Magistrates, Supreme Court justice, Mayors, A magistrate or anyone authorized by religious organization or church.

However, South Dakota gives you the opportunity to solemnize your own marriage ceremony. Yet, in that case the whole responsibility will be on you and your spouse. You’ll have to complete and return your marriage license and certificate. You will have 30 days to return it to the issuing office.

How do I get a copy of my marriage certificate in South Dakota?

As we already have mentioned, you should have your marriage and license recorded. Only after that you can get the copies of your marriage record and certificate. You can receive them from the Register of Deeds office or the Health Department.

It is especially important for your further marriage life. For instance, you’ll need the certified copy of your marriage record when changing your name.

Prohibited marriages in South Dakota

Ascendants or descendants

No matter how remote you are from each other, you can’t enter into matrimony. To clarify, there can be no marriage union between a parent and a child or grandparent and a grandchild.

Brothers or sisters

The state law doesn’t accept marriages between siblings. It doesn’t matter, whether they are whole or half-blood relatives.

Nephew or niece

First cousins can’t marry each other. Again, it doesn’t depend on whether they are related by half or whole blood. Aunts and uncles can’t marry their nephew/niece either. Exceptions are marriages between second cousins and beyond.

Adopted relatives

The situation doesn’t change in this case. To clarify, no stepparent can legally marry a stepchild.

Common-law marriages

Nowadays South Dakota no longer accepts common-law marriages. To clarify, the state recognizes such marriages that took place before July 1, 1959. The fact where they have been established (in the state or out of it) doesn’t make any sense.

Out of state marriages

South Dakota considers this type of marriages valid not in all cases. To make it legal the couple should have it legally established where the marriage took place. It should be mentioned in which state, country or jurisdiction they have celebrated the ceremony.

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