South Dakota Insurance License

South Dakota Insurance License

Being an insurance agent might be very exciting, as you will have a flexible schedule and sometimes the ability to work from home. This makes it an interesting place to enter the insurance workforce in South Dakota, where you can also enjoy an average annual salary of $44.246.

You must be licensed to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance in the state of South Dakota. Carry on reading to see what it takes to obtain a South Dakota insurance license.

Steps to become a licensed insurance agent in South Dakota

Step 1: Prepare for the exam

In the state of South Dakota, you will not to gain a special amount of pre-license credits to take the upcoming exam. On the contrary, the state has it that the preparation is up to you and you are responsible for obtaining insurance related knowledge.

Given these points, you may choose how to study and what to study. Consequently, you can choose self-studying and prepare for the exam on your own. This way you will save up some money and use it for the license application part.

Nevertheless, you may also choose a particular insurance package and attend the classes. The latter are available to take both in classroom and online.

It might be useful to know that you will have a significantly higher chance of passing your licensing exam providing that you take appropriate courses from reliable providers.

Step 2: Take the South Dakota insurance license exam

Once you know all the material that is going to be on the test, you are ready to take the state licensing exam.

Note that you will take one exam for each combined line of insurance.

Click here to make an online reservation for the exam. If this is your first time registering for the exam, you should also create an account and fill in the required information.

The examination fee is $85-95, which mainly depends on the line of insurance you wish to carry and take the exam for.

Step 3: Apply for the insurance license

After you pass the insurance examination, you must wait five business days before you submit the application for the license. Go through this link to file your insurance application. Make sure you have applied for all the desired lines of authority.

Contact Information

South Dakota Division of Insurance
445 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-318
Phone: 605-773-3513
Fax: 605-773-5369

Is it hard to get your insurance license in South Dakota?

Do not worry about getting your insurance license in South Dakota, as the licensing process, including the exam, is not that hard. You will receive the license if you work on yourself and make some efforts.

If you have any worries concerning the state licensing exam, then this information might be useful.
The exam consists of 150 questions, for which you will have two hours and a half. The passing score for the exam is get at least 70% of the answers correct.

The test is proctored, which means that you will have to take the exam in the presence and under the control of a person watching over you. The proctor is there to identify you, to check whether the right person is taking the exam.

The time it takes to get an insurance sales license in South Dakota

After you submit the application and fulfill all the other requirements, the state of South Dakota will review the application, as well as the background history.

You will receive your insurance license quite quickly, if you have done the mentioned steps properly.

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