South Dakota Barber License

South Dakota Barber License

\According to the statistics and the forecasting, there is going to be a rise in demand for specialists in this area by 7% from 2018 to 2028.

If you look at the average salary of the masters’, you see that the demand is already huge and that it is worth becoming one. Thus, to know the path of becoming a specialist, read the requirements below.

What do you have to do to get a South Dakota barber license?

First of all, you have to know that the SD Board of Barber Examiners regulates and executes licensing procedures. This is the facility that you are to deal with before they authorize you to work.

Secondly, you are to know that they require you to have 1,500 hours of training. The latter has to relate to several courses, such as scientific fundamentals of this profession, bacteriology as applied to the area, hygiene, sterilization, antiseptics, or massaging and manipulating.

Other courses are about the structure of the head, face, and neck, diseases of the skin and hair, elementary chemistry, haircutting, coloring, bleaching, tinting, or arranging and dressing.

You’ll be able to apply for a certificate and take both your theory and practical examinations if you meet the above-mentioned standards.

South Dakota barber license application

You can apply after you turn 18. Of course, for this, you are to meet all the conditions that we have mentioned above. You apply for taking two exams which are practical and written.

The package must include three main documents. The first is the SD application form about your practice. The second document is the photo that must be passport-sized. As for the last one, it is the costs that you are to deliver for taking them. For the application, you are to deliver $100.

Details on written examination

The written exam usually lasts for 90 minutes. During this, they give you an opportunity to show your knowledge. The fields are electricity and light, the histology of skin, facial hair design, and shaving procedures.

Other fields are sanitation and infection control, chemistry, treatments of face skin, disorders of hair and scalp, and head shaving. Try to focus and put all your knowledge into use.

Details on practical examination

During a year, the Board executes practical exams two to four times. This depends on the demand of the applicants. They usually schedule it consulting with you. During the examination process, you are to showcase your skills and abilities so that they can grade you properly.

The tasks that you are to perform are related to sanitation during your work, hair dying, and rolling as well as haircutting and shaving. After these tests, the last thing that you are to do is to pay the last fees at the same location.

After these procedures are done, and the fees paid, the Board will issue you a certificate.

Important note

Remember that you are to pass and collect a score of about 75% or higher. Otherwise, you lose your chance of getting what you want.


The standard certificate fee is $50. As for the transfer, it is $150. There are no charges set for the replacement.

Renewal procedure

In SD you are to renew your paperwork annually by the 30th of June. This is a simple process that you must pass through. You are to fill out a special form for the renewal. Along with this, you must pay the required fee.

The cost that you are to deliver for this, is $75. Remember that if you do not act on time, you will have to pay an extra $15. If it expires, you usually pay $12 per year.

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