South Dakota Auction License

South Dakota Auction License

Auctions are still quite popular in many states. They are a great way to get people together to sell unwanted items. Who doesn’t need extra income? If you are in South Dakota and want to become one, you should consider a few things. Thus, in today’s research, we will see the basic requirements for a South Dakota auction license.

The Starting Point

Getting a corresponding permit is not difficult. There are a few simple steps you should follow. Before passing on the central part, note that the state regulations only refer to reals estate auctioneers. If you want to sell other stuff, the steps are different.

First of all, you should be at least 18 years old. Each applicant needs to have a high school diploma or equivalent document. Once an applicant passes a written exam and pays the fees, they can pass to the next level.

South Dakota Auction License Examination

The state-specific examination is not complicated. You will have to answer approximately 50 profession-related questions. The time limit is two hours. The passing score is 75%. However, if you don’t pass it the first time for some reason, you can retake the test 14 days later.

Educational institutions like All Star Training provide easy and efficient opportunities for everyone interested in obtaining field-based knowledge. The students are free to learn at their preferred pace, having up to three months to finish the course. By the way, the online courses are accessible 24/7.

South Dakota Auction License Reciprocity

The good news for those who already have a license from another state. The reciprocity program works for those who provide evidence of their corresponding qualifications. The requirements are:

  • An up-to-date resume;
  • A notarized letter that certifies your successful completion of the state-administrated examination;
  • Official documentation to prove you have been working in the auctioneering field for at least two years.

The Department of Revenue will process the application and notify you about their decision.

Renew It to Keep It

Like many other states, the permit is valid for two years in SD. However, the holders need to renew it before the expiration date. To renew your document, submit the following papers:

  • ID copy
  • The Sales Tax Permit;
  • Payment for the renewal fee;
  • The application form.

According to the SD Real Estate Commission, auctioneers should also complete 24 hours of continuing education. That’s the only legal way to obtain a new work permit.

General Information

The South Dakota Auctioneers Association (SDAA) controls the overall workflow and regulations. It offers two types of membership: Regular and Associate. The first one is for those who have a document to practice auctioneering in the state. The second one is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the profession. Moreover, with an associate permit, people can benefit from member bonuses. These may include discounts on education and various networking events.

The perks of becoming a licensed specialist include working in a regulated industry. Firstly, who doesn’t want access to resources and support from colleagues? If you want to join their community and learn from the best, use the membership application form on the official SDAA website.

Another advantage is having total freedom concerning the working hours. Those in this sphere can draw their custom timetable – half-time or full-time. If taking a break seems the right solution, there are no officials you will need to report to. Doesn’t that sound like a dream job? Nevertheless, like in any other sphere, to succeed, you need to work hard and be enthusiastic about showing your best qualities.

To sum up, let’s highlight the key points of today’s research:

  • The requirements only refer to real estate auctions.
  • SDAA is the central authority controlling the workflow and regulatory processes.
  • The renewal process is relatively straightforward, with no underwater stones.
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